Miniature FEDO Amplifier

Fetal Doppler Speaker

Specially for use cases where fetal heart rate display is not necessary, we created the miniature and ultra-portable FEDO Amplifier. It could be used as an accessory to the bigger FEDO, but can just as well be treated as a stand-alone pulse detector. Its tiny size allows for it to be carried around in a pocket and the simplicity of use makes it possible for it to be lent to and used by a patient at home herself in case of feeling uneasy about the pregnancy’s health. The FEDO Amplifier uses the same ultrasound probes as its bigger counterpart FEDO.


After inserting the 9V battery turn the Amplifier on. Any crackling noises caused by moving the probe around or applying the ultrasound gel on are automatically attenuated by the electronics. To increase the heartbeat volume press and hold the button. When you release it, the volume will return to normal levels. After a minute, the Amplifier will turn off automatically to preserve the battery. A red diode in the upper left corner will light up if the battery level is low and it needs to be changed.


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