Probe manufacturing

Sonomed manufactures a wide range of ultrasound probes. We offer transducers dedicated for our devices (including obsolete ones) as spare/replacement parts. We can produce special variants per request that are application specific, no matter what your field is – industry, research or science.

We accept special orders for single probes and one-off projects.

We also provide ultrasonic devices’ components for other medical appliances manufacturers as an OEM. We have produced multiple probes for medical purposes as well as industrial operations with ultrasound frequencies ranging from 10s of kHz up to over 20 MHz. We successfully manufacture cutting-edge shear wave transducers for leading industry entities.

Our manufacturing process is based on world-class piezoceramics sourced from CTS Corporation (formely Ferroperm, based in Europe) of which we are also the sole distributor for Poland.

Our laboratory and testing equipment allows for exhaustive measurement of properties and characteristics of ultrasonic probes. We have multiple specialized devices at our disposal, including an ultrasonic field scanner, hydrophones an ultrasound power meter and a vector network analyzer allowing creating e.g. Bode plots. The excellent measurement equipment together with our knowledge and expertise guarantee a world-class final product.


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    4d Pruszkowska Street, 02-118 Warsaw, Poland

    Bank account (EUR):
    Alior Bank SA
    PL 06 2490 0005 0000 4600 3882 7381, SWIFT: ALBPPLPW

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