UD 48V

Advanced vascular Doppler

The new UD48V is an ultrasound Doppler designed for non-invasive diagnostics of peripheral vessels, equipped with two ultrasound channels (4- & 8 MHz). It allows for evaluation of the blood flow bidirectionally (towards and away from the probe).

UD48V is sturdy and robust while staying lightweight and portable thanks to the new die-cast aluminum enclosure with a carrying handle. The big color TFT LCD is touch-enabled, ensuring increased ease of use. The ultrasound capability is based on the proven and well-received technology used in our VENO. One of two transducers can be used at a time: the 8 MHz one is dedicated to peripheral vessels and slower blood flows (including venous) while the 4 MHz one is for diagnosing deeper vessels. An optional PPG probe is also available. UD48V can be powered from the mains power supply or using the built-in high-capacity battery that lasts for 4 hours of operation.

During the examination, average and maximum flow velocity values as well as Pulse and Resistance Indexes are calculated in real time and presented on the screen together with blood flow plots. Changing the settings or shutting the device down is secured by an additional physical button. The plot can be frozen, with the last 30 seconds stored in memory and available for later review with two different forms of presentation (time- or flow speed scale). 10-measurement memory gives you the flexibility to not only immediately print out documentation using the built-in printer, but also to collect data and prepare reports later using a computer.

Additionally, a dedicated computer software is available for easy printout creation and modifying type of presentation of the plots.

Technical data


Ultrasound frequency8MHz and 4MHz
Ultrasound radiation powerP_<1 MPa, Iob<20 mW/cm2, Ispta<100 mW/cm2
Internal speaker acoustic powerOver 0,5 W
Internal rechargeable battery7,2 V, 3 Ah
Dimensions30 x 23 x 12 cm
Weight2,2 kg
TFT touchscreen display7”; 15,50 x 8,70 cm; backlit
Thermal printertape, 58mm width
Battery chargerdedicated power supply included

CE 2274 Certification

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