Ultra Easy 2p

ACG is a novel non-invasive transcranial ultrasound method which could help diagnose early stages of brain changes without any radiation and side effects, only by analyzing the cellular and molecular brain structure using the method of acoustic spectroscopy. It is a set of techniques designed to capture states of human brain tissue and its alterations. It is based on measurements of various parameters obtained by analyzing an ultrasound long-pulse transmitted through the human’s scull. In this new system the use of multiple frequencies make more precise measurements of velocity and attenuation in the intracerebral tissue.

In patients with asymptomatic atrial fibrillation are often observed numerous damages white matter lesions (WML) in the brain. AF is associated with a higher risk for silent stroke, the potential cause of cryptogenic stroke, can lead to dementia and other illness. Paroxysmal, often asymptomatic episodes of atrial fibrillation may be more frequent than previously thought and are suspect of higher risk for stroke, SCI, or cognitive impairment. The results of focal WML in brains of patients are observed in magnetic resonance.

Diagnosing using UltraEASY 2p is much cheaper and more comfortable to the patient than MRI, so this ultrasound device is an ideal tool for screening. Within minutes doctor get estimation of the number of WML and its probability. It is the base to make, when necessary, further diagnose or treatment modifications by cardiologist.

In the general population, the prevalence of white matter lesions ranges from 11-21% in adults aged around 64 to 94% at age 82. ACG is cost-effective and completely side effect free novel diagnostic tool for detecting early, asymptomatic changes which may lead to the brain damage and neurological problems specially in subgroups, that are at high risk such as the elderly.

Short specifications

Frequency range0.5 to 3 MHz (optional 10 MHz)
DisplayLCD touch screen, 15 inch
Measurement modetransmissive (2 transducers)
Dimensions350 x 290 x 200 mm
Weight5.1 kg

Class IIa


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