Ferroperm Piezo (Meggitt) piezoceramic components

Sonomed is a distributor of Ferroperm Piezo piezoceramics in Poland. We provide advice and help in choosing the best solution to any given application. We can assist in establishing the required frequecy, size, type of materials or shape.  We also offer assembly of subparts or coplete ultrasound probes using the Ferroperm piezoceramics.

Ferroperm Piezo is a Dutch company (presently a part of  MEGGITT corp.) that specializes in production of high quality piezoceramics. Normally, the piezoelectric components manufactured by Ferroperm Piezo are made to individually specified requirements such as: shape, size, frequency, type of material and type of electrodes. The most commonly ordered parts are easily available and in quick in supply.

We offer design and manufacturing of ultrasound transducers and probe components based on Meggitt piezoceramics. Please contact us for more information.


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